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Hartland North and Hartland South Elementary Schools:

Our elementary schools focus on a core curriculum of literacy, math, and science, as well as environmental education. The comprehensive teachers are highly trained in math, literacy, and science, and collaborate to ensure best practice instruction. An outdoor education component that includes direct instruction into the sciences is an enriching part of the comprehensive classrooms and involves our students in real learning within their DNR recognized forestry.

Our classrooms offer a structured framework and differentiate to meet the learning expectations of all students.

North Shore Middle School:

North Shore Middle School features a variety of “Encore” classes to match student interests, including art, ceramics, theater, STEM, medical engineering, choir, musical theater, aerospace engineering, robotics, debate, Spanish, media production, personal finance, and band.

The middle school math program is challenging and focuses on students’ ability to problem solve, emphasizing explaining their reasoning skills verbally and in writing. To enrich our mathematics program, we have an Arrowhead High School math teacher on staff. Students who successfully pass geometry at the middle school are eligible to earn Arrowhead High School credit for the class.

We utilize a readers/writers workshop model as the focus of our literacy program.  Content area teachers infuse literacy throughout their curriculums, emphasizing writing skills and teaching critical literacy and thinking skills through interactive read-alouds. In addition to mathematics and literacy, students receive core science and social studies instruction.